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About Bluefin Jim

Hi There!

I'm "Jim Casey;" most anglers in the Southern Californian fishing community call me "Bluefin Jim." I was born and raised along the eastern seaboard of the country. In 1974, I went across the country and settled in California. My venture into the addictive realm of Sportfishing began when in 1986 I fished on the "Freelance" out of Newport Beach. Every Tuesday for three-years I battled the rail for Bonita; mind you the battle was not with the fish, but with the 90+ anglers who shared the thrill of catching fish. To say the competition on the boat was fierce is an understatement. Those of you who have experienced being on a "Party Boat" (often called a "Cattle Boat" ride) to fish, know what I'm talking about!

I have fished for everything from Trout and freshwater Bass, to the Sport Fish of the ocean. Of course my favorite prey are the Pelagic, especially TUNA! While chasing fish on the ocean, I have fished and chartered countless one-day trips and multi-day trips from two to eighteen days long. As an avid angler, I developed a good working knowledge of fishing tackle. Fate allowed me to share my knowledge and experience while working for Turner's Outdoorsman. In 1992, I had the good fortune of landing a position at "The Longfin" fishing tackle shop in Orange California. I must be doing something right consider I still work at The Longfin. If you're in the area of the shop (2730 E. Chapman Avenue, Orange), stop and say "Hi!"



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